Monday Oct 26, 2015

At RRL it was a rainy day and Wade's Birthday so they hit a

Rainy Day Deck of Cards--Wade enjoyed the vest


On the road, I found enough equipment to do


15 split cleans with 2 40 lb dumbbells

21 pullups

x 5 rounds


Then I did 3 rounds of the Wim Hof breathing method.  What a great way to start the day.  Now on the road to N Florida to film my Bass show.



Friday, Saturday, Sunday + Kokoro, Wim Hof and more

Lots going on this week.  Our brother Matt Lawson has tackled SealFit Kokoro this weekend and I have been trying to get any info on how he is doing.  This picture was posted by SealFit on the late afternoon of Day 2.


Matt looks strong.  Believe me...they did not look this clean for very long.  He is probably feeling so good in this picture.  After 30+ hours of beatdown, surf torture, cold, and tons of running, they just got a few precious minutes to shed the wet, sandy, dirty pants, boots and shirt and put on a fresh pair of shorts and t shirt.  I remember this feeling.  It was amazing.  While clean and fresh wont last long.  Stick with it is the end.  You can do anything.

On that note...I listened to a podcast recently that really got me thinking.  I am a big fan of Joe Rogan's podcast and particularly like the ones discussing health.  He recently had Wim Hof on the podcast and I believe it is my favorite to date.  Not only is he doing cool and amazing stuff in laboratories, but he has done all kinds of stuff previously thought impossible like climbing Everest in nothing but a pair of shorts, Running a Marathonabove the Artic Circle in nothing but shorts, run a marathon in the desert without drinking any water, records set for ice immersion, and so many more things thought to be not only impossible but suicide.  I will not do it justice by trying to describe it in detail, so check it out on Itunes and look up Wim Hof and the work he is doing.  Kelly Starett said that he thought Wim Hof's work was some of the most important work being done in the world today. 

That may not be enough to get you to listen or watch the documentary, so my meager layman's description of this work is that Wim Hof uses cold water immersion combined with breathing techniques and commitment to make changes within his body.  What changes?  Well, he can definitely stay warm without clothes on in extreme situations for much longer than anyone thought possible, how about being able to control your hormone production at will, boost your immune system at will, create more adrenaline while laying in bed than someone getting ready to bungee jump for the first time!  Sounds crazy, right... Before you dismiss him as a cult leader, crazy or a charlatan, take the time to see how he has invited science to study him and his methods.  Scientists have undeniable research showing that his methods are doing what was considered impossible not only on himself but on others that he has trained with 100% accuracy.  

Wim Hof was just on Joe Rogan, then on Rhonda Patrick's podcast and most recently on Oprah.  I have played around with his breathing exercises and have seen and felt results.  There is no doubt that I will do much more study into how to actually do the Wim Hof Method and try to incorporate it into our training, or at least my own.  Does anyone out there have any experience with The Wim Hof Method?  Please leave a comment.  What do you guys think of this?  Possible?  Would you investigate?  Just interested in your thoughts.

Here is a link to listen to the Joe Rogan Podcast featuring Wim Hof

Click here for JRE/Wim Hof

Here is another link for him with Rhonda Patrick

Click here for Rhonda Patrick/Wim Hof

And finally, if listening isnt your thing, check out the Vice documentary on him by clicking here



Sorry for being calls.  Here are the latest workouts:

Friday at RRL

Great workout chosen for the Garage today.  I wish I had a 135 lb bar!

On the road:

8 mile run


Day off at RRL

On the Road:


Row 1000 m

50 Thrusters with 45 lb bar (I had to use 25 lb dumbbells in each hand)

30 pullups

For time


on the road

8 mile run


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday , Thursday Oct 22, 2015

Sometimes it is tough for me to write everyday while traveling and this week is no exception.  Shooting in the Florida Keys this week







On the road, I was not able to get in a workout so Monday will be a day off for me this week



On the road, 8 mile run across Long Key Bridge against a 25 mph wind...just like the hills at home.



Travel workout

Deck of Cards



Travel workout

10 pullups

10 pushups

x 10 rounds


Run 400 m

Stretch and get to work


Tuesday, Wed and Thursday Oct 15, 2015

Sorry...been traveling to college visits with my son.  Found some good ones.

At the RRL:


Tabata Burpee

The Tabata interval is 20 secs of work followed by 10 secs of rest for 8 intervals.

Tabata score is the lowest reps performed in any of the intervals.




For time:

Row, 1000 m

50 Thrusters, 45/35 lbs

30 Pull-ups


My travel workout on the road:

Deck of cards

Spades=Burpees, Clubs=Pushups, Diamonds=Squats, Hearts=Situps

Joker 1,2,3,4=100 Double Unders



Byron and Alan celebrated their birthday with the light up jump rope and the weight vest while doing one of our favorite workouts

Normal Park Stairs

For Time: 1 mi Run

Run (stairs)

10 Burpees top

10 Push-up (clapping)s

X3 rounds

1 mi Run

Post total time.


On Road:

Same Deck of cards workout again



Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3-3-3





Box Jump/Step Up

For time



Friday Oct 9, 2015

One year anniversary of Goruck Selection...

Here are my thoughts after the event from last year

Wow, one year has flown by.  Today, we did not do anything quite as hard as Selection, but it was a good one.  Kim Ray wore the vest in honor of his son, Adam, who has a birthday today.  Happy Birthday Adam!

For time:

Run, 800 m

10 Push Press, 155/113 lbs

20 Pull-ups 10 Push Press, 155/113 lbs

Row, 500 m

10 Push Press, 155/113 lbs

20 Pull-ups

10 Push Press, 155/113 lbs

Run, 800 m

Thursday and Friday Oct 1,2, 2015



50 pullups

run 400

21 Thrusters @ 95 lbs

run 800

21 Thrusters @ 95

run 400

50 pullups

This was a fantastic workout and I was so glad to have Trevor there to push me hard.  I did 50 unbroken pullups and finished just ahead of him.  I led on the run but on the first set of 21 Thrusters, he caught and passed me.  He stayed ahead and even got further ahead on the second set of thrusters.  I caught up a little on the last run and had him in sight.  I did not think there was any way to catch him but gave it all I had and did 30,12,8 sets of pullups to just edge him out.

I relay this story for one reason.  We BOTH set PRs on this workout but a pretty good margin.  Having a great training partner like Trevor is one of the best things for your training.  Because there was a little friendly competition we both pushed harder than we would have without it and both set PRs.  Thank you Trevor.

My time was 14:53 which was about 2:34 faster than the best time I did this one.  Trevor was 1:31 faster.

Today, there was a major storm that changed our plans to our rainy day go to workout.  Today, we added a 15 minute Country Core segment where Rusty brought his country music and we each called out core movements for 15 minutes.  Then we hit our old standby

Standard Deck of Cards





Jokers= whatever you like

Have a great weekend!


Friday Monday and Tuesday Sept 29, 2015

Sorry I did not post Friday, so here is a catch up:


Weighted Pullup



Run 1 mile

Row 2000 m

Run 1 Mile

Mike Drew sets the gym record again today on this lung burner 21:03.  If you try this on a track or on flat ground, remember that we are running a hill.



3 Position Clean


Run 400/KB Swing

2 Man Team

P1 runs 400 while P2 does as many KB Swings as possible with 53 pounds

Alternate until team achieves 300 swings

15:25 with Kyle



Primal Bear Complex

2 man team

1 bear complex then switch

Bear = Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Back Squat, Push Press= 1 rep

AMRAP 20 minutes

Thursday Sept 24, 2015

Jack Silberman's 30th birthday today and he sets the record for the most difficult birthday workout.  Some may know that we wear the 30 pound weight vest on our birthdays at the RRL no matter what the workout is. 

Jack drew the short stick today as Kalsu rolled around on the calendar.


Complete 100 Thrusters @ 135

At the top of each minute do 5 burpees

Continue until finished

I scaled immediately because I remembered this from last time.  I chose 95 and finished in 17:30.  I will go to 115 from now on.  Trevor completed it at 135 in 24:35 which is an amazing piece of work. 

Great job everyone.  Kalsu is considered by some to be the most difficult CrossFit workout.  One day I will be able to get it at 135!

Also, we distributed our RRL Parking Pass today.  It is not really a parking pass, but it is a cool sticker.  I will send the first 20 people who send me a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope a free one.

7 Minnekahda Place

Chattanooga, TN 37405

The sticker uses this logo on a black background with Gray Letters.  Gus is Black...or maybe it is Bravo

Tuesday Sept 22, 2015

Fantastic start to this Tuesday!  Great group of guys at the RRL this morning including some new guys.

RRL Warm up

1. Run 400

2. Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5

3. Hang Clean/Burpee

15 Hang Clean @ 135 pounds

15 Burpees

x 3 rounds for time

4. Still Water 6 minutes


This is one of my favorite high intensity, short duration workouts.  I first saw this one done by Rich Froning and Dan Bailey who made it up on the spot in Rich's garage.  I made note of it after I saw it reduce those two guys to heaving and spitting on the ground.  I knew it would have a similar effect on my group so I wrote it down and we have made it a benchmark.

Rich and Dan did this one in about 3:15 which is amazing.  My times have dropped from over 6 minutes to the 4:13 that I turned in today which is a PR.

I went unbroken for the first 2 sets and then did 10 reps and had to drop the bar and then finish the remaining 5. 


Monday Sept 21, 2015

I was in the Bahamas last week.  Got in a Deck of Cards, 50 yard sprint with burpees and jumping jacks on each side for 10 rounds, 5 mile run and 20 sets of 20 pushups and Situps.

It was great to get back to the RRL and my friends this morning.  First we did

3 position cleans


From Ground, From Knee, From Hip


We hit one of my absolute favorite formats today.  Leap Frog

2 man teams

Row 10 Calories

15 Kb Swings @ 53 lbs

15 Wall Balls

Partner 1 rows while Partner 2 rests.  When finished with the 10 calories, P1 calls out "Go" and P2 starts the 15 kb swings.  P1 moves to Wall Ball and begins when P2 finishes 15.  Continue to leap frog for 20 minutes for max rounds.

This is excellent interval training with work and rest in even intervals.