August 10, 2018


Back from our trip to the Keys.  Life is good in the Keys, but this time, the weather wasn't the best.  

We fished some, but lobstered more.  Lobstering is good fun, good exercise and provides good nutrition.  Sounds perfect to me.

Back at the garage today, I started out with mobility that I haven't been able to do on the road and then we hit this one:

The Ghost

Row Calories


Double Unders 

Rest 1 minute

x 6 rounds for time

This workout is done Fight Gone Bad style.  You row as many calories as possible in a minute and then transition directly into burpees and do as many as possible in a minute moving directly into Double Unders for a minute.  During the next minute of rest, mark down your scores for each minute and get back on that rower for the next round.  

This is an excellent format for a gym that has very little equipment.  For example, 3 people can be on one station (1 rower) at a time.  This means that a gym that has only 4 rowers can easily train 12 people with just 4 rowers.  This style of workout is fantastic.


Freak Frogman Montana

Preparing for a beatdown, my initial training was similar to when I was training for Sealfit. Heavy rucks, long trail runs, and hill sprints were on a 3 day rotation and nutrition was intensely analyzed daily. Living in Bozeman, Montana, I took full advantage of the surrounding mountains and made sure that I was peak physical shape before showing up to Helena, Montana for the Freak Frog.

When I arrived to the restaurant where were meeting before heading to the event, I looked around and was surprised. At 20 years old, I was the youngest person there by 4 years. Most of the people signed up for the course were older, and ready to learn. Dan Cerrillo, the lead instructor and former Navy SEAL, quickly introduced himself and did a quick overview of the course.

Freak Frog 4.jpg

“This is not a beatdown. Most of you have done some sort of Sealfit, Goruck, or similar event, but this is about learning and having fun. This is SEAL training, not BUD/S. There are no tricks, and we will not mess with you. Everything is straightforward and tailored to your skill level. So expect to shoot, get dirty, and have a lot of fun.”

The first morning, the other instructors introduced themselves. Years of experience were shared between them, and would be shown in the days to come. The range brief the first morning was focused on safety, and after we divided up into 3 groups based on skill levels. Thousands of rounds were spent, hundreds of magazines were changed, and many smiles were cast. Overall, the shooting was a blast.


The next evolutions consisted of stalking, shooting, emergency medicine, room clearing, hand-to-hand combat, and other skills a SEAL would have. The instructors were straightforward, and they delivered on their promises. Not only did they deliver, but they went above and beyond my expectations.


After lunch the second day, we went back to the range. One of the lesser experienced shooters was having trouble with his gun, and like instructed, raised his hand for help. Dan walked over to him, and somewhere during a magazine change, the gun was pointed uprange and in the face of Dan. No shouting came out of his mouth, only a swift pushing of the gun downrange, and a cease fire. Dan briefly talked to the man, and then explained to us what happened. He instructed the man on proper shooting safety, and told us that it wouldn’t happen again (it didn’t). He spent the next few drills side by side to him, coaching and encouraging.


On the last day of the course, during the shooting competition, a competitor was having trouble hitting the target. After a magazine change, she still hadn’t hit the target. The pressure was high, and she got frustrated almost to the point of tears. Observing her shot pattern, Dan suspected her sights may be off. He ordered a new pistol to be given to her, and shot it first to make sure it was on then handed it to her. He spoke to her in only a positive manner, giving her words of encouragement and coaching her. After going through the course without missing a single target with the new pistol, she made her weapon safe and turned around to be greeted by a hug from Dan.

Freak Frog 5.jpg

The man who pointed his gun downrange had never shot a gun before this course. By the end of the course, you would have thought that he had been shooting for years. After Dan talked to him, there was not another safety violation and his confidence in his abilities skyrocketed. The competitor who got frustrated during the competition had tears of joy streaming down her face after she completed the course perfectly. She encountered something that was difficult and pressed through to see it to the end.

Freak Frog Onca.jpg

Everything about this course was laid out in an extremely positive mindset. Your skill level coming to this course did not matter. What mattered was that there was improvement both physically and mentally. Learning SEAL tactics and skills was a lot of fun, but the growth that was achieved during the course mattered far more. This course will teach you not only how to defend your family and improve your marksmanship, it will teach you how to do things right every time and how to set a goal and achieve it.

- Turner Rowland

July 30, 2018


Good Monday Morning!

We brought in a classic CrossFit Girl workout today.  Helen

But first...

Dynamic warm up as a group which included toy soldiers, inch worms, lunges, jogs, medium speed, sprints, strict pullups, kipping pullups, burpees, kb swings.  By the end of it we were warm and ready to take on Helen


Run 400 m

21 KB swings @ 53 lbs

12 Pullups

x3 rounds

I finished today at 8:56 which is not bad but definitely not my best time either.  I have an 8:04 on the whiteboard.  When I give it all and come in :50 seconds slower, I wonder how I was able to do that time.  Even 10 seconds faster on each run would only be :30 faster.  I really don't feel like my swings or pullups have gotten much slower.  It has to be the run.  I can definitely see how that may have slowed down.  BUT at least I am able to run!  No injuries.

Welcome back Card Steel today!  Good to see you!

July 25, 26, 2018

Wednesday is running day for us.  I am super excited that I have seemingly cured my 7 year bout with calf injuries with nothing more than a change of shoes.  Thank you to Fast Break for suggesting the Brooks Ghost.  I just bought a second pair yesterday.

We hit a favorite which is also an excellent travel workout:

3 Miles/300 Pushups

Pretty easy...Run 3 miles and complete 300 pushups before, during or after the run in any rep scheme you like.  Do this as fast as possible.

I got in in slightly over 31 minutes which was slower than my last time, but I am still super happy because my calf was completely fine.  No strain, soreness or issues whatsoever.


Today, we went back to Comptrain Masters and did this one

Warm up

Work to 8 Rep Max Thruster


For time:

3 rounds of:

7 Thrusters, 75 lbs

7 Pull-ups

7 Burpees

-- then --

50 Row Calories

-- then --

3 rounds of:

7 Thrusters, 75 lbs

7 Pull-ups

7 Burpees

-- then --

50 Row Calories

-- then --

3 rounds of:

7 Thrusters, 75 lbs

7 Pull-ups

7 Burpees

This took me 18:40 and I stayed light on the thruster 8 rm at 135 as I am still dealing with a slight tweak in my back.

Good day.  Afternoon crew has some work to do to beat these times

July 24, 2018

Experimenting with my sleep schedule this week.  The garage is open in the morning as usual but I will be getting extra sleep today and doing this in the afternoon.

Running Jackie with Buy Out

For Time:

800 m Run

50 Thrusters 45/33 lbs

30 Pull-ups

Buy-Out: 800 m Run

Post total time.

Finisher: Double kettlebell walks with one arm holding kettlebell overhead and the other holding in front rack position.  Switch when needed.  Go for max meters before dropping.

July 23, 2018

This month has had me on the road a bit.  More consistency coming up



Today was an amazing start to the week with a great team workout.  Trevor was back and we partnered up for this one

I put two workouts together to make a really good format. First a tag team workout followed by a leap frog workout.

Run 400 m

150 Pullups


15 KB Swings

10 Row Calories

15 Wall Balls

x 6 rounds 

The entire workout for time

So, the way this one works:

Partner 1 (P1) starts on pullups while P2 runs 400.  P1 does as many as possible until P2 comes back from the run and tags P1.  Then, P2 does as many as possible until P1 returns from the run.  Continue until 150 Pullups are completed.

Then, immediately, start the second portion which is a leap frog format.  Whichever partner finishes the 150 pullups will then move to the KB Swings and do 15 while the other partner waits at the rower for them to complete 15 reps.  The partner calls out when finished and then the other partner starts the row.  At this time the guy on KB swings moves to the wall ball station (leap frogging the other partner).  When the team has done KB, Row and Wall Balls, that = 1 round.  The team completes 6 rounds to finish this workout.


So good to have some guys return from absence/injury.  Chris Rutledge, Lee Connel and always good to see Trevor

July 6, 2018

I jumped in the truck with my oldest son Turner and drove all the way to Montana with him.  It was fun but I missed the traditional 4th of July depletion workout that we usually do.  Not to is coming.

I am reading Why We Sleep by Mathew Walker and have decided to add an official 2nd session to the RRL.  5 AM as usual PLUS 5 PM as a new time that the garage is officially open whether I am there or not.  

Today is the first official afternoon session.

Come one come all.  5 pm


Despite Will Hunt’s absence, bring 40’s if you like.  Complimentary ice baths available. 


Also for those who wrote with hurt feelings that they have been absent so long that their names were forgotten:

I hope you come back Kevin DiStasio, Allen Bible, Jody Bankston, Matt Lawson, Will Kelley, PSC, Kevin MilZ, Chris Curtis, Reggie Vachon, Ryan Langford, Brock Rush, Will Ensign, Michael Miller, Trey Carico, Trip Farmer, Ben Edgar, Matt Green.  If you weren’t listed in that list…then definitely come back.



An extended belated 4th of July workout will happen tomorrow at 10 am.  Come for that as well.  It will be good


It will be Double Hidalgo.

July 3, 2018

 Josh and Alan getting after the Air Force Wod

Josh and Alan getting after the Air Force Wod

Great start to the day today with 5 of us hitting it hard in the driveway at 5:30 am

After a very nice session of Wim Hot breathing where I was getting some long retentions, we began our warmup in preparation for the Air Force workout

Air Force

20 Thrusters 

20 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

20 Jerks

20 Overhead Squats

20 Front Squats

All of this is done with a 95 lb barbell.  You must stop what you are doing and do 4 burpees at the top of each minute before continuing.

Justin killed this one because he really doesn't like burpees.  

I love this format where there is an uncomfortable movement that has to be done in order to continue.  It really throws a twist into the workout and forces you to hold on to that bar longer and do more than you may have done if the burpees were not part of this workout.  

We started on the Thrusters which I am still unsure if that is the way we are supposed to do it.  We may have done it wrong and were supposed to start with burpees.  Either way, this is a great workout.  Ill do some research and find out how it is supposed to be done.  

This one definitely gets a star for being a favorite.

Im going to leave at noon to drive to Montana with my son.  This will be my second time this summer to have driven across the country.  I look forward to my time with him

July 2, 2018

Great way to start the week with some heavy deadlifts 

Deadlift 5-4-3-2-1


Light DT @ 135 lbs

12 Deadlifts

9 hang power cleans

6 jerks

X 5 rounds for time

Rx DT is 155 and sometimes the Games athletes do this at 225 which boggles my mind.  Today, I decided I wanted to move a little faster, get the heart rate a little higher so I chose to do it at 135 which is still very challenging for me.

Today ended up with 8:42 and felt I could have gone a bit faster.  

Good start to a great week

June 29, 2018

In an attempt to get back on the ropes, I nearly killed everyone.

With the recent rains, our ropes and very wet. Climbing wet ropes is difficult and dangerous.  I don't recommend it.  I thought they would have dried out and they did...a bit, but not enough

I climbed them anyway, as did Keith, but others took my suggestion and subbed 3 pullups and 5 T2B for a rope climb on this mornings workout

5-4-3-2-1 Rope Climbs

20 Assault Bike Calories

So do 5 rope climbs then 20 cal on assault bike, then 4 ropes/20 then 3 ropes/20...all the way down to 1.  This took me about 15:30 to finish

Justin can actually ride an Assault Bike x2 faster than me.

June 27, 2018

Rejoice!  The shoe change seems to have worked and running was painless today!

I have been struggling with a mysterious and reoccurring calf injury for...oh, about 7 years.  I initially hurt it on the Ragnar relay and tore my soles pretty badly.  I knew it was the Soleus and not the gastrocnemius but for some reason I went to the Orthopedic and got an MRI to confirm.  Initially the Dr (who is an athlete and cool guy) did not agree with my arm chair diagnosis and even argued with me that it was, in fact, my gastrocnemius and not my soleus.  For some reason, I went ahead with the MRI and it was, in fact, my soleus and not my gastrocnemius.  Now, I had a diagnosis.  That is where the MRI's usefulness stopped.  At this point both the Dr and I knew what the problem was.  Now came the solution...REST.  Take 8 weeks off and then come back to running slowly.

I did and reinjured it several times before getting ready for SealFit Kokoro and was in great shape. I ran/rucked/moved almost 90 miles in 50 hours with no injury or issue whatsoever.  Then, after the camp I reinjured it again.

WHAT THE HELL is going on?

With rehab, I managed to get my running back and was able to start training for Goruck Selection.  I managed to become somewhat bulletproof again and ready for Selection.

I made it all the way through Selection training and then through  the event.  My withdrawal had nothing to do with a calf injury.  Calves were healthy.

After training, guess what...injured again.

This has continued until now.  

Through the use of my journal, this blog and Beyondthewhiteboard I have been able to figure out a few things recently.  The first thing I realized is that I was able to train for and do Kokoro and Selection without injury, but have experienced issues when the running volume is decreased substantially.  This led me to realize that the common thing with both the train ups to those events was a shit ton of running and rucking in boots.  Hmmmmmmm...

The boots I used were Under Armour Valsetz and I still had them.  I went and looked them over.  They are basically a high top running shoe but I did notice one thing.  The drop from heel to toe was pretty big.  I put one on and my Altra running show on the other foot.  Major difference.  

Research online showed me how to measure drop and sure enough, the boots had a pretty substantial drop, like 10-12 mm.  More research showed that Saucony went to around an 8 mm drop in the shoe that I really liked from a 12 mm drop and I never knew it.  I ran 65 miles per week and did a 3:13:00 marathon in the previous models without injury.  Now, a 7 mile run was leaving me unable to walk for a week.  

What is going on?

I realized that I had been going to a lower and lower drop shoe thinking I was avoiding injury when I could have been creating it.  Guess what I was wearing when I completely tore my soleus...Vibram 5 fingers.  Zero drop.  The move to the Altras had me LOVING the fit of those shoes but my calves screaming with soreness after even a short run.

I took them back to Fast Break and they took them and exchanged them for the Brooks Ghost.  This is a traditional running shoe with a 12 mm drop, extremely high by todays standards.

After 5 runs in these shoes, my calves are completely pain free and no soreness.  I ran 4 miles slow and carefully today without any issues.

Could a few mm of material really cause me 7 years of injuries?  How could I have been so stupid?  Why didn't I just run in the boots?  Lots of questions?

I have come to the conclusion that I don't know.  I just want my running back.  I miss 10 mile runs, I miss track work, I miss trail runs.  My thinking is suffering, my creativity is mental health is suffering from not having the extended thinking time in a theta state that running gives me.  

I am going to quit worrying about trends to zero drop shoes.  I run the way I run.  This old dog may not need to learn new tricks.  I just want to run injury free and the only injury I am getting is a calf injury.

I would run in stiletto heels if that is what got me back to where I was.

Some would argue that I am, in fact running in stiletto heels when moving to the Brooks ghost but I don't care.

I had challenging running injuries 28 years ago when training up for my first marathon.  good advice was given to me that once you find a shoe that works for you, do not change.  I took that advice right up to 2011 when the shoe was changed for me without my knowledge.  It turns out that a few millimeters of material may be just enough to wreck my running.  

All I know is that I see light at the end of the tunnel.  My running is coming back and I am feeling good about it.

June 20,21 2018

Wednesday Run Day

2 miles + 5 hills sprints


We brought back another "favorite".  The quotes are because it is one that we have done a bunch but I don't think it is anyone's favorite


33 Burpees

33 Thrusters @ 65 lbs

33 Pullups

Run 1 mile

x 3 rounds for time

This is just a mentally difficult workout for me. When the easiest thing in the workout is Burpees, you may have an issue.

I did 33 burpees on both the 1st and 2nd round and then did 13/10/10 on the Thrusters and unbroken on the pullups.  The second round forced me to walk about 200m of the 1 mile.

Round 3 was split 13/10/10 on burpees, 13/5/5/5/5 on Thrusters and 13/10/5/5 on pullups and then another 200m walk before I was able to get running.  I did finish strong though and beat my previous time by 2 minutes.  

50:22 today


Give this one a try

June 19, 2018


Mike Drew visited again today.  It was a great morning as we not only had Mike, but also Rufus, Sophie, Gus, Matt Green, Matt Greenwell, Doug, PSC, Justin, Jimmy, Alan, Michael, Kyle, Steen, Will Hunt, and Josh.  Great group and a great start to the day!

I brought out an old one today

Bear Complex @95lbs

1 Power Clean

1 Front Squat

1 Push Press

1 Back Squat

1 Push Press

This is a 2 man partner workout.  Partner 1 does a Bear Complex and then puts the bar down.  Partner 2 picks up the bar and does a Bear Complex and puts the bar down.  Partners switch and do as many reps as possible for 20 minutes.

The gym record is 114 reps by me and Trevor a few years back.  Doug and I got 105 today and lots of others were right there.  It is a constant flow with no rest.

I love this format.  Partner workouts are a favorite for sure.

Thanks for coming today guys...and dogs.  Lunch at 11:45 at First Watch if anyone wants to go that wasn't here this morning.

June 18, 2018


Mike Drew and Sophie return for a visit after just over a year away.  It was so nice to see both of them.

I planned a good one for the return.  On 9-25-15, Mike set the gym record for this workout with a 21:03.  I thought we would give him the chance to beat it or to see how out of shape he has become.  He did neither.  

Mike turned in a respectable 23 minutes and change while Josh missed the record by about 45 seconds.  I did pretty well today only missing my all time PR by 14 seconds with a 22:42.  Today was the first day that I ran in the new Altra shoes.  They felt pretty good!

It is hard for me to believe that it has been a year since Mike left us.  It is so difficult to lose a great training partner and an even better friend to a move, but we are all happy that Mike has flourished in his change of locations.  Real friends are happy for each others success even if that means that they have to separate from one another.  

When thinking about Mike, I looked through the archives and found that Mike has done all of the hardest workouts we have ever done here.  These include:

The Memorial Day 2017 workout (pic of board below)- Click Here 


The Filthy 15 miles-

The Filthy 15 Miles- Click Here

Run 400 m

10 burpees

1 Muscle Up

x 60 Rounds

This equates to running 15 miles, doing 600 Burpees and doing 60 Muscle Ups.

Triple Murph

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 7.54.15 AM.png


July 4 3 Heroes Click Here

5 miles/1000 burpees - 

And so many more!!!!!!

Mike...we miss you and miss these tough challenges.  Ill come up with a really good one for your next visit.

June 14, 15, 2018

June 14.  Tough one today.  Michael Miller's birthday!  The big 41.


3 rounds for time of: 

Row, 1000 m 

50 Push-ups 

Run, 1000 m 

50 Pull-ups

This one took me 40:45.  I had done it before in 38.  Not sure what was slower this time.  



After a week of long ones, it was time to go a little shorter and take care of some mobility

Warm up

Wim Hof Breathing x 4 + pushups

Durante Core x 5

2 man partner teams

Partner A rides Assault bike for 20 Cal

Partner B maintains a 45 lb sandbag hold overhead until the calories are completed.  Then switch 

Do this for 5 minutes for as many rounds as possible



Quad/Adductor Smash w barbell

Super couch

Super Triangle

Super pigeon


Super lat stretch


Go have a good Father's Day weekend

June 11,12,13, 2018

Been a busy week as I returned from Bonaroo with my daughter and Rusty and Emma.  Rusty was an excellent guide who showed us how it worked and got us in the pit on the front row for all of the shows we wanted to see.  Very cool.  Different world for sure.

On Monday

We returned to a favorite

Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5


Sled push 315 lbs 50 feet

5 burpees

x 4




3 rounds of:

20 Pull Up  

30 Toes To Bars

40 Burpees

Run, 800 m



A favorite benchmark

Young x 5

5 Burpees at bottom

Run the hill

5 burpees at top


Josh killed it this morning and came close to the gym record with 37:02