Friday, Saturday, Sunday + Kokoro, Wim Hof and more

Lots going on this week.  Our brother Matt Lawson has tackled SealFit Kokoro this weekend and I have been trying to get any info on how he is doing.  This picture was posted by SealFit on the late afternoon of Day 2.


Matt looks strong.  Believe me...they did not look this clean for very long.  He is probably feeling so good in this picture.  After 30+ hours of beatdown, surf torture, cold, and tons of running, they just got a few precious minutes to shed the wet, sandy, dirty pants, boots and shirt and put on a fresh pair of shorts and t shirt.  I remember this feeling.  It was amazing.  While clean and fresh wont last long.  Stick with it is the end.  You can do anything.

On that note...I listened to a podcast recently that really got me thinking.  I am a big fan of Joe Rogan's podcast and particularly like the ones discussing health.  He recently had Wim Hof on the podcast and I believe it is my favorite to date.  Not only is he doing cool and amazing stuff in laboratories, but he has done all kinds of stuff previously thought impossible like climbing Everest in nothing but a pair of shorts, Running a Marathonabove the Artic Circle in nothing but shorts, run a marathon in the desert without drinking any water, records set for ice immersion, and so many more things thought to be not only impossible but suicide.  I will not do it justice by trying to describe it in detail, so check it out on Itunes and look up Wim Hof and the work he is doing.  Kelly Starett said that he thought Wim Hof's work was some of the most important work being done in the world today. 

That may not be enough to get you to listen or watch the documentary, so my meager layman's description of this work is that Wim Hof uses cold water immersion combined with breathing techniques and commitment to make changes within his body.  What changes?  Well, he can definitely stay warm without clothes on in extreme situations for much longer than anyone thought possible, how about being able to control your hormone production at will, boost your immune system at will, create more adrenaline while laying in bed than someone getting ready to bungee jump for the first time!  Sounds crazy, right... Before you dismiss him as a cult leader, crazy or a charlatan, take the time to see how he has invited science to study him and his methods.  Scientists have undeniable research showing that his methods are doing what was considered impossible not only on himself but on others that he has trained with 100% accuracy.  

Wim Hof was just on Joe Rogan, then on Rhonda Patrick's podcast and most recently on Oprah.  I have played around with his breathing exercises and have seen and felt results.  There is no doubt that I will do much more study into how to actually do the Wim Hof Method and try to incorporate it into our training, or at least my own.  Does anyone out there have any experience with The Wim Hof Method?  Please leave a comment.  What do you guys think of this?  Possible?  Would you investigate?  Just interested in your thoughts.

Here is a link to listen to the Joe Rogan Podcast featuring Wim Hof

Click here for JRE/Wim Hof

Here is another link for him with Rhonda Patrick

Click here for Rhonda Patrick/Wim Hof

And finally, if listening isnt your thing, check out the Vice documentary on him by clicking here



Sorry for being calls.  Here are the latest workouts:

Friday at RRL

Great workout chosen for the Garage today.  I wish I had a 135 lb bar!

On the road:

8 mile run


Day off at RRL

On the Road:


Row 1000 m

50 Thrusters with 45 lb bar (I had to use 25 lb dumbbells in each hand)

30 pullups

For time


on the road

8 mile run