Thursday and Friday Oct 1,2, 2015



50 pullups

run 400

21 Thrusters @ 95 lbs

run 800

21 Thrusters @ 95

run 400

50 pullups

This was a fantastic workout and I was so glad to have Trevor there to push me hard.  I did 50 unbroken pullups and finished just ahead of him.  I led on the run but on the first set of 21 Thrusters, he caught and passed me.  He stayed ahead and even got further ahead on the second set of thrusters.  I caught up a little on the last run and had him in sight.  I did not think there was any way to catch him but gave it all I had and did 30,12,8 sets of pullups to just edge him out.

I relay this story for one reason.  We BOTH set PRs on this workout but a pretty good margin.  Having a great training partner like Trevor is one of the best things for your training.  Because there was a little friendly competition we both pushed harder than we would have without it and both set PRs.  Thank you Trevor.

My time was 14:53 which was about 2:34 faster than the best time I did this one.  Trevor was 1:31 faster.

Today, there was a major storm that changed our plans to our rainy day go to workout.  Today, we added a 15 minute Country Core segment where Rusty brought his country music and we each called out core movements for 15 minutes.  Then we hit our old standby

Standard Deck of Cards





Jokers= whatever you like

Have a great weekend!