Tuesday Sept 22, 2015

Fantastic start to this Tuesday!  Great group of guys at the RRL this morning including some new guys.

RRL Warm up

1. Run 400

2. Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5

3. Hang Clean/Burpee

15 Hang Clean @ 135 pounds

15 Burpees

x 3 rounds for time

4. Still Water 6 minutes


This is one of my favorite high intensity, short duration workouts.  I first saw this one done by Rich Froning and Dan Bailey who made it up on the spot in Rich's garage.  I made note of it after I saw it reduce those two guys to heaving and spitting on the ground.  I knew it would have a similar effect on my group so I wrote it down and we have made it a benchmark.

Rich and Dan did this one in about 3:15 which is amazing.  My times have dropped from over 6 minutes to the 4:13 that I turned in today which is a PR.

I went unbroken for the first 2 sets and then did 10 reps and had to drop the bar and then finish the remaining 5.