Friday Monday and Tuesday Sept 29, 2015

Sorry I did not post Friday, so here is a catch up:


Weighted Pullup



Run 1 mile

Row 2000 m

Run 1 Mile

Mike Drew sets the gym record again today on this lung burner 21:03.  If you try this on a track or on flat ground, remember that we are running a hill.



3 Position Clean


Run 400/KB Swing

2 Man Team

P1 runs 400 while P2 does as many KB Swings as possible with 53 pounds

Alternate until team achieves 300 swings

15:25 with Kyle



Primal Bear Complex

2 man team

1 bear complex then switch

Bear = Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Back Squat, Push Press= 1 rep

AMRAP 20 minutes