The RRL has been going strong for over 8 years now.  During that time, many have come and gone...and returned...and gone again.  We have developed a strong group, bound by camaraderie forged through sweat and humor.  

There is, however, a group of guys who have been here the whole time.  This is the OG. 

Today, the Old Guard was represented well with the most senior member of the RRL, Matt Greenwell followed closely by Kim Ray, Alan Lebovitz and Will Hunt.  Patrick St. Charles rounds out the OG.

My Beyond the Whiteboard account lists 1,650 workouts.  These guys have been with me for most of them...never complaining, always pushing hard.

Thank you to the OG for always showing up.  Thank you also to the NG who were apparently sleeping in today.

Here's to another 8 years!

RRL Warmup

2 Man Teams


10 Calorie Row

15 KB Swings @ 53 pounds

15 Wall Balls

AMRAP 20 minutes

This is a great format.  Partner 1 starts on row while Partner 2 rests.  When 10 calories are completed, partner 2 starts on the KB swings.  Partner 1 moves to the wall balls.  Only one person works at a time and you leapfrog through 20 minutes like this.

This is a good one, but you could do this with any 3 exercises and 2 man teams.

If you find a magic recipe like this one, let me know