Back at it

RRL Warmup

30 Overhead Squats

10 Push-ups

10 Ring Dips

10 Pull-ups

5 Muscle Ups

Jump Rope , 3 mins Record max double unders in 2 minutes today

20 GHD Sit-ups

20 Hip Extensions

20 Toes To Bars

100 Burpees

for time

1 mile run


ours was Minnekahda hill

Yoga, stretch, mobility

We had a pretty good crowd today after a weekend filled with food and thanks.  I always like to ease back into the workouts with some bodyweight or running after a layoff.  It helps old dudes remain injury free and gets the body ready for heavier stuff later in the week.

Today, we revisited a favorite.  It is really the simplest workout we do, but one of the most challenging.  100 burpees for time is basically, throw yourself on the ground, get up and jump.  do it again x 100. 

In my opinion, 100 burpees for time is one of the best workouts to gauge fitness and to quickly assess your own fitness level.  We do this workout, or variations,  3 different ways and each will have a different result.  First is simply to do 100 burpees, jump off the ground and clap, second is to have a uniform platform to jump onto for each rep.  We choose 2 45 lb plates.  The third way to keep the workouts uniform so you can compare results, is to have a uniform distance to jump up to like in the Crossfit games.  This distance is 6 inches above your standing reach.  It is less important which of these you choose as your workout as it is to make sure that you put in your notes which result goes with which standard.

The results could be more than a minute off one another and you dont want to either feel great about beating a previous score with a different standard or feel bad because you feel your fitness has fallen off the charts. 

Today, we used the first standard or just getting the feet off the ground, straightening the hips and clapping overhead.

The Mile run on the same course over and over is also a great fitness test.  We use the big hill behind my house.  The only way you are going to be able to compare your results to others around the world is for everyone to be on a regulation track.  Sometimes that is available, but I prefer finding a course that you can run anytime YOU want to.  It is far less important to compare times to someone in Bangladesh than it is to compare your times and create a history of improvement or decline in your fitness.  Find that course and document your times.

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