During this time of year, I probably watch more TV than any other because of all the great college football rivalry games.  Yesterday was filled with some incredibly determined athletes making sensational plays. You don't have to be a couch potato, use that time to make some significant changes in your mobility and ultimately, your performance.

I watched several games and spent time on the floor with my foam roller, lacrosse ball and band.  A football game is an excellent time to get in some mobility work and clear up some troubled areas. 

Last week I tweaked my lower back or upper glute doing front squats.  This happened because I had neglected to do alot of the mobility work that I normally do.  Post Selection, I became really super tight in my hips, calves and with increased Olympic lifting, my IT band became tight like a steel cable.  Neglecting the maintenance on these areas resulted in injury.

During the football games, I spent alot of time on my quads and IT band and today, my knees feel as though they have been lubricated with oil.  It is truly amazing the difference that some maintenance time can have on your mobility, comfort and injury prevention.

If you don't know about Kelly Starrett, you need to know him.  He wrote this book:

Kelly tells it to you in an understandable and funny way and makes it so that anyone can perform basic maintenance on themselves.  If you don't have this book, get it!

Spend some time on mobility and you will see your performance skyrocket.

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