Feb 5, 2019

It has already been a busy 2019. Business stuff has me occupied enough to not be doing a good job on this blog but I am still hitting every workout.

Today we did a little tester for the 2019 Open


60 row cal

50 T2B

40 Wall Balls

30 Cleans @135

20 Muscle Ups

AMRAP 14 minutes

I have done this one 3 times and each time I got 180 reps or finished the cleans. Upon finishing the cleans, I have either failed each muscle up attempt or just run out of time but today I successfully got 1 muscle up making my score 181.

It may not seem like much but that one muscle up might be the difference in 50,000 places in the Open.

It was a PR and I rang the bell. It felt good!

March 13, 2018

No excuses, just busy.  The daily blog returns after a layoff.  Sorry to the daily readers, but there is nothing wrong.  Thanks for your emails.

The CrossFit Open has been going on the last 3 weeks and it always throws me for a loop in training.  I want to do my best which usually requires a little rest and also a retest of each workout.  My schedule has been to watch the announcement on Thursday and then try it around 4 pm on Friday after sleeping in.  I will get more rest on Saturday and Sunday, sleep in on Monday and then try again at 5 pm.  Then Tuesday is usually some sort of skill work, hoping to outsmart Dave Castro and be a little ahead in some movement that I expect on the next workout.  So far, I have not outsmarted anyone.

Wednesday is track work and Thursday is more skill based and movement based stuff.

I actually think that my training goes down hill during the Open, but I do feel rested.


Front Squat 5-4-3-2-1


10 Thrusters @ 95

10 Pullups

10 Row Calories

x 3



Core Circle Jerk

We all get in a circle and each of us calls out a core exercise and reps.  We went around once.  9 guys here today

I hope the Open is going well for everyone, if you are in it.