Ropes Gone Wild

We pulled out the Ropes today and did this:

With Partner
20sec all out work/20 sec rest- Alternate with partner
5 small fast waves
5 giant waves
5 jumping jacks

Each partner completes 5 of each with 20 sec rest in between.  We took 1 min rest between stations and 2 min rest between groups.

Other group
5 ghd
5 vup
5 flutter

Then, an all time favorite (which we need to name...submit names)

15 hang cleans @ 135 lbs

15 burpees

x 3 rounds

for time

My record is 4:45 on this which I have tied, exactly 3 times.  Today, I came in at 4:53.  This workout is on par with a Fran or an Elizabeth.  All out work for short duration.  Excellent for wrestlers.

Great to have Matt Gardner join us today.  Byron, my friend, YOU KILLED IT THIS MORNING!  EXCELLENT WORK!