Rainy Day Deck Of Cards

It doesn't often rain really hard in Chattanooga between 5:15-7:00 am for some reason.  We often get heavy rain before and after but, conveniently, we usually get a little break during our workout time.  This morning was an exception. 

It POURED this morning so I postponed my wall ball and battle rope workout that I had scheduled for this morning and replaced it with this one:

Front Squat




Deck of Cards

Spades = Burpees

Clubs = Grasshoppers x 4

Hearts = Situps

Diamonds = V ups

Joker 1 = 50 pushups

Joker 2 = 3 minute plank


Lots of core work in this one.  Throw a deck of cards in your travel bag and try it in your next hotel or business trip.