Spring Break

I traveled down to the Bahamas last week with the family so I could show them what is cool about flyfishing for bonefish, conch diving and lobster diving.

They saw it pretty clearly

And I managed to catch a tailing Mutton Snapper which was a very cool catch for me since we dont have them in Key West on the flats anymore.

Most of the workouts were wading after these fish, but I did manage to hit up a couple of my favorite travel/beach workouts

#1 Deck of Cards

#2 50 yard suicide sprints with 10 burpees on one side, 10 pushups on the other x 10 rounds

#3 1000 pushups

Then, when I returned last night, I saw this on the board



Wall Balls

Box Jumps

KB Swings @ 53

for time

So I grabbed this guy in the middle

And hit it alone this morning.  It was a wonderful way to get back into the swing (no pun intended) of things and get my body moving heavy stuff again.

I finished in 24:05 but felt as though I might have gone a little faster had I been with friends...those who are in shape and can push me.

Glad to be back...now it is time to hit the turkey hunting!