3 sprint workouts

Today we put together 3 sprint workouts.  These are designed to go full out for a short time.  No pacing, no rest, just 100% effort all the way through.

When creating these workouts, sometimes it takes trial and error to find the perfect blend of load and duration to get the sweet spot of performance.  These three have been done many times and some alterations have been made.  The sled workout has been 3 rounds and also 5 rounds.  5 proved to be too much and people started pacing it.  3 rounds, while a sprint, left people with some gas in the tank. 4 rounds is perfect.


RRL Warmup

1. Sled push down and back 315 pounds/ 5 burpees

x 4 rounds for time. 

Trevor set a new record on this in 2:30.  Most of the rest of us finished in 2:50-3:30


2. Max burpees in 3 minutes

3. Max Thrusters @ 95 lbs in 2 minutes

We did between 28-35 Thrusters in 2 minutes.  This is a real eye opener seeing that the standard Fran time for an elite athlete is right around 2:00-:2:30.  Fran is 21-15-9 of thrusters @ 95 lbs AND pullups.  They are doing 45 thrusters AND 45 pullups in the same 2 minutes it took us to do 35 thrusters.  Wow! 

That concludes my week.  I am headed to the Bahamas with my family and will be doing bonefish squats and long walks in ankle deep water for a week. 

I think I am ready