15.4/Indian Run/KB Swing

Trevor and I did 15.4 yesterday with some disappointing results.  We both felt as thought this workout played to our strengths, but the new standard combined with an already sore neck from wrestling with my son who just finished 4th in the State of TN did not help my score on 15.4.  I know...excuses, excuses.  I shouldnt make excuses, just do well on it.  I dont really feel like I am making excuses as much as just realizing that I didnt do very well with a score of 56 and even with a healthy neck, I probably wouldnt have done a whole lot better. 

CrossFit has done a very good job of separating the truly elite from the top 20% and also offered a scaled division for the rest of the regular folks out there.

I sit in 86th place in Masters 45-49.  I had hoped for slightly better, but there is still one workout left and maybe it will play to my strengths.

This morning I steered away from the individual workouts and moved back towards something I really like at our garage...Team workouts or those type of workouts that build team spirit.

As a group:

Indian Run 1 mile


KB Swing

Air Squat

Indian Run 1 mile




This is a great way to run as it pushes everyone while allowing for all levels to run together.  I love intervals and I love team workouts.  This was both.


We had two guys show up today who havent been here in a while.  Welcome back Ben and Matt.