Today, we did a music themed workout which was actually tougher than I expected:

Warm Up

RRL Warm up then:

3x15 GHD Situps

3x15 3 second pause at top Back Extensions

Jump Rope 3 minutes



The Police- Burpee on every Roxanne and Squat on every "light"


So Lonely

The Police again - Pushup on every "Lonely"  Make it tougher and do a pushup on every "Low" as well.  Hold a plank through the entire song except for when you are doing pushups



Blues Traveler- Situps for every "Gina".  I missed the mark on this one.  Next time we will do leg lift holds for the entire song and hit v ups on every "Gina"


Bring Sally Up

Moby- Classic one.  Back Squat a comfortable weight because it will quickly become uncomfortable.  I saw Khalipa do this with 135 on the web so I chose 115 and still could not keep up with the song.  Go down on "Bring Sally Down" and hold it until "Bring Sally Up"



Do Annie while Michael Jackson sings "Annie are you ok?"


Double Unders


Some guys chose GHD situps today...good work.