June 20,21 2018

Wednesday Run Day

2 miles + 5 hills sprints


We brought back another "favorite".  The quotes are because it is one that we have done a bunch but I don't think it is anyone's favorite


33 Burpees

33 Thrusters @ 65 lbs

33 Pullups

Run 1 mile

x 3 rounds for time

This is just a mentally difficult workout for me. When the easiest thing in the workout is Burpees, you may have an issue.

I did 33 burpees on both the 1st and 2nd round and then did 13/10/10 on the Thrusters and unbroken on the pullups.  The second round forced me to walk about 200m of the 1 mile.

Round 3 was split 13/10/10 on burpees, 13/5/5/5/5 on Thrusters and 13/10/5/5 on pullups and then another 200m walk before I was able to get running.  I did finish strong though and beat my previous time by 2 minutes.  

50:22 today


Give this one a try