June 19, 2018


Mike Drew visited again today.  It was a great morning as we not only had Mike, but also Rufus, Sophie, Gus, Matt Green, Matt Greenwell, Doug, PSC, Justin, Jimmy, Alan, Michael, Kyle, Steen, Will Hunt, and Josh.  Great group and a great start to the day!

I brought out an old one today

Bear Complex @95lbs

1 Power Clean

1 Front Squat

1 Push Press

1 Back Squat

1 Push Press

This is a 2 man partner workout.  Partner 1 does a Bear Complex and then puts the bar down.  Partner 2 picks up the bar and does a Bear Complex and puts the bar down.  Partners switch and do as many reps as possible for 20 minutes.

The gym record is 114 reps by me and Trevor a few years back.  Doug and I got 105 today and lots of others were right there.  It is a constant flow with no rest.

I love this format.  Partner workouts are a favorite for sure.

Thanks for coming today guys...and dogs.  Lunch at 11:45 at First Watch if anyone wants to go that wasn't here this morning.