June 18, 2018


Mike Drew and Sophie return for a visit after just over a year away.  It was so nice to see both of them.

I planned a good one for the return.  On 9-25-15, Mike set the gym record for this workout with a 21:03.  I thought we would give him the chance to beat it or to see how out of shape he has become.  He did neither.  

Mike turned in a respectable 23 minutes and change while Josh missed the record by about 45 seconds.  I did pretty well today only missing my all time PR by 14 seconds with a 22:42.  Today was the first day that I ran in the new Altra shoes.  They felt pretty good!

It is hard for me to believe that it has been a year since Mike left us.  It is so difficult to lose a great training partner and an even better friend to a move, but we are all happy that Mike has flourished in his change of locations.  Real friends are happy for each others success even if that means that they have to separate from one another.  

When thinking about Mike, I looked through the archives and found that Mike has done all of the hardest workouts we have ever done here.  These include:

The Memorial Day 2017 workout (pic of board below)- Click Here 


The Filthy 15 miles-

The Filthy 15 Miles- Click Here

Run 400 m

10 burpees

1 Muscle Up

x 60 Rounds

This equates to running 15 miles, doing 600 Burpees and doing 60 Muscle Ups.

Triple Murph

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 7.54.15 AM.png


July 4 3 Heroes Click Here

5 miles/1000 burpees - 

And so many more!!!!!!

Mike...we miss you and miss these tough challenges.  Ill come up with a really good one for your next visit.