June 14, 15, 2018

June 14.  Tough one today.  Michael Miller's birthday!  The big 41.


3 rounds for time of: 

Row, 1000 m 

50 Push-ups 

Run, 1000 m 

50 Pull-ups

This one took me 40:45.  I had done it before in 38.  Not sure what was slower this time.  



After a week of long ones, it was time to go a little shorter and take care of some mobility

Warm up

Wim Hof Breathing x 4 + pushups

Durante Core x 5

2 man partner teams

Partner A rides Assault bike for 20 Cal

Partner B maintains a 45 lb sandbag hold overhead until the calories are completed.  Then switch 

Do this for 5 minutes for as many rounds as possible



Quad/Adductor Smash w barbell

Super couch

Super Triangle

Super pigeon


Super lat stretch


Go have a good Father's Day weekend