May 3, 2017

Wednesday is generally some sort of run day.  For the last few months, I have been avoiding running due to a calf injury, but I was back at it today with a classic RRL benchmark.

Normal Park Stairs is a workout that we do that is incredibly simple, uses the environment around us and it doesn't take very long...perfection.

Several times, a debate starts in the morning as to whether there are 3 or 5 rounds of stairs on this workout.  After looking back through the results, it is final...this one has 3 rounds.

To complete this workout, simply run to the set of stairs (about a mile) and run to the top.  Do 10 burpees there and run to the bottom where you complete 10 clap pushups.  Repeat that 3 times, then run home.

Alan holds the record on the Whiteboard at 25:25 for this workout, but Mike claimed that he once got it under 25 minutes.  I asked if he documented it on one of the boards in the gym or online and he said no to which I replied..."Then it never happened".  HOWEVER...  I did run across this note in my results

My daughter showed me how to use Snapchat to add some stuff to it.  Congratulations, Mike, you officially hold the gym record. 

Today, however, we both came in a little slower at 27:56.  I feel like I have ALOT of room for improvement.  My running felt slow and there was plenty of walking on the stairs.  I think I could get it under 25 minutes with lots of work, but I see that it is possible.

Have a great day!