Thursday January 14, 2016

Started the day with an RRL warm up and then worked on some Overhead situps.  Several weeks ago I saw Joe Rogan do these situps with 35 lb kettlebells in each hand. I tried those and was able to do them pretty easily so I tried 53 in each hand.  Soon, I tried to build up to heavier weight but we only have 53 and 70 lb kettlebells so the jump was pretty large.  I have been messing around with sandbags and have been able to increase the weight gradually.

Today we tried the 120 lb sandbag and then tried a few with 70 lb kettlebells in each hand. This was tough!

The workout after looked like this:

3 Position Snatch



Ms Sage

10 Snatch @ 110 lbs

15 pullups

20 Thrusters @ 75 lbs

x 5 rounds

This morning, I was really tired and very sore.  Finally...after 20 years of doing stuff like this, I am learning to listen to the cues my body is sending out.  I really felt like I should take today off entirely, but definitely felt like I needed to scale this workout significantly.  I only did 3 rounds and scaled the weight back to 75 lbs for both the snatch and thruster.  Many asked if I was sick, or if I hurt myself.  I assure you that I am ok, and it hurt more to back out and watch all the guys slug away at this great workout without me.  Sometimes, however, you have to know when to say when and this morning I felt like I really needed to back off.

Great work to Trevor, Victor and Trey for going at Rx weight.  Outstanding.