Thursday September 3, 2015

Baseline: Pre-SOP and box breathing, then ROM drills. 2 minutes of jump rope, 15x good morning (45#), 2 minutes of jump rope, 15x deadlift (95#).

Strength: Back Squat 5-5-4-3-2-1, then EMOM for 10 rounds do 2x Snatch @65%

Stamina: Chipper, not timed: 40x Bulgarian split squat (95/65), 75x box jump (24in/20in), 800m front rack sandbag carry (80#/60#).

Work Capacity: Complete the following in 10 minutes…

Durability: 100x 4-count flutter kicks, 100x leg levers. Warrior yoga drills. Hydrate and fuel within 30 minutes.  Journal post training session SOP.


The row/burpee portion was great.  I got 62 burpees, Mike did as well and Trey J edged us out at 63.  Good work!

Did the Strength, Work Capacity and Durability this morning.  I am going to hit the rest this afternoon