Monday Sept 21, 2015

I was in the Bahamas last week.  Got in a Deck of Cards, 50 yard sprint with burpees and jumping jacks on each side for 10 rounds, 5 mile run and 20 sets of 20 pushups and Situps.

It was great to get back to the RRL and my friends this morning.  First we did

3 position cleans


From Ground, From Knee, From Hip


We hit one of my absolute favorite formats today.  Leap Frog

2 man teams

Row 10 Calories

15 Kb Swings @ 53 lbs

15 Wall Balls

Partner 1 rows while Partner 2 rests.  When finished with the 10 calories, P1 calls out "Go" and P2 starts the 15 kb swings.  P1 moves to Wall Ball and begins when P2 finishes 15.  Continue to leap frog for 20 minutes for max rounds.

This is excellent interval training with work and rest in even intervals.