Russell x 8 Again

We revisited an old friend today.  Russell has been a part of the RRL since the beginning and stirs several emotions when you see it on the board. 

1. Cool!  Field Trip

2. Shit

Russell is a short, steep hill that we run 8 times for time.  The all time record was set by Will Kelley at 11:05.  Several of us have gone under the impressive benchmark of 12 minutes but the majority of the pack comes in between 12:30 and 13:30.  I came in at 12:37 today but missed the turnaround point on the first lap by about 20-30 feet.  We turn around at a patch of concrete that looks like a little cannon, or a gun...or you can imagine what others think it may look like.  Either way, some road work had been done on a similar patch of concrete which made me think that was our gun. maybe I was 12:50 today.

It was really hot today.  Even at 6 am it was over 73 degrees.

It is super simple as most really good workouts are.  Simply run up the hill 8 times.

Compare to the last time we did this here