Beep Test/Hang Clean-Burpee

We did the Beep test yesterday.  It was a great way to test fitness and to get a good workout.

There are several versions of the Beep Test out there and some with different names like the Yo Yo Test or some call it the Bleep test.

While there are some differences between the execution of these tests, the principle stays roughly the same.  Run between 2 lines set 20 m apart on an audible beep from a pre recorded audio.  As the level increases, the interval that you have to run between the cones gets shorter and shorter until you can not keep up with the beeps.  At that point, your test is done.  This is a good way to measure your Vo2 max as well as overall fitness and is used for grade school kids to professional athletes.

One test has you run down and back and then take a short break.  We did not do this test.  We did this one:

This one is constant running with no breaks. 

I made it to level 9-10 while Mike Drew made it to 10-10.  I believe that we can get into the 13 level with some practice and working specifically on this test and the skills required to do well like efficient turns and pacing.  However, the test remains a good indicator of fitness whether or not you practice.  I also want to try to do the one which you rest a few seconds before the next round.  

Today we did this:

Roxanne burpee/air squat warm up

Yes, The Police.  Do a burpee everytime you hear Roxanne and a squat every time you hear light.

Next time we will try something to So Lonely...much tougher I expect.

Then we did



Then finished the morning with

15 Hang Clean @135 pounds

15 Burpees

x 3 rounds

I tied my PR today on this one at 4:45.  Justin went well under that at 4:19.

The first time I saw this workout was when I visited Rich Froning to shoot a Fitness Truth show and he and Dan Bailey made it up on the spot.  They went ALOT faster than any of us and pushed themselves to the absolute limit.  It was impressive to watch and also impressive to see the effect this one had on both of them.  They were laid out on the floor, spitting, slobbering, breathing so heavy that it was incredible and drenched in sweat. 

I knew right then that they had created a classic and that we would repeat it often. 

I look at this workout as a Fran or Helen type workout.  A true classic from the first time you try it.  It doesnt look that hard, just 45 hang cleans and 45 burpees, but if you try to go out fast on this one, you quickly find yourself in a pain cave where you can see no light.  Once you have done it a few times and have a benchmark to work towards beating, it becomes really tough.

It is important that we take ourselves to this place regularly.  Taking the body to the limit often makes it easy to do it when it is really needed...hopefully not ever, but we are ready at any moment.

Have a good weekend everyone