Dry Falls

Dry Falls


Box Breathing 5 minutes

30 overhead squats with PVC

10x each: Pushups, Situps, Dips, Pullups, Burpees

Skill: Jump Rope 3 minutes

Core: sit up progression

Workout: A.
Normal Park Stairs Run

For Time:

1 mi Run

Run (stairs)

10 Burpees (top)

10 Push-up (clapping)s (bottom)

X3 rounds 1 mi Run Post total time.

Workout B.

Travel workout A.

Run 2 miles

Travel Workout B.

Ruck hills for 3 hours, get in every creek or under every waterfall.  Test out the new drain holes in ruck

A few days with my wife in NC is a welcome change.  There are tons of hills, amazing trails, waterfalls everywhere, good food and good time with her away from home and the kids.  It is rare so we will enjoy every minute.

I ran 2 miles this morning which is the farthest I have attempted since my calf injury.  I felt great but it is probably wise to continue to go easy through the weekend. 

Post times, reps and/or loads to comments