Mtn Rucking

Back at the RRL, the guys hit our normal warm up and then the benchmark CrossFit workout, Cindy.


5 pullups

10 pushups

15 squats

amrap 20 minutes


on the road, I ran 2 miles this morning, hit situp, pushup and squat 2 minute max efforts. 

later in the day, I had the pleasure of rucking 60# up Chimney Top and Rock Mountains in North Carolina.  The trail was very steep and I was sweating so much that my hat brim was continuously dripping. 

It took me 50 minutes to climb Chimney Top but less than 20 back down.  Then 20 more minutes to get up Rock Mtn and only 10 back down.  Excellent 100 minute workout.   

It was beautiful.