July 4, 2019

My good friend Mike Drew sent me a text last night with the workout he planned to do while visiting All Sport CrossFit in New Hampshire. I called an audible and threw in our own version of his workout for a fun theme workout


In a 3 man team complete 1776 reps. One person works at a time. No team can complete more than 200 of any one exercise and it is mandatory that you pick 3 of the 4 cardio choices of Ski, Bike, Row or run a mile which will is 200.

We did it like this

Ski 200 calories

200 Double Under

200 Push Press at 95

200 Situps

200 Calories on Bike

200 KB Swings

200 Pushups

200 Row calories

176 Sandbag over shoulder at 100 lbs

The clock stopped at 55:55 so I think it took us about 1:10:00

Happy 4th of July!