June 19, 2019

With intentions of following my scheduled programming, I had to call an audible this morning as rain passed through the area. Rarely does it rain between the hours of 5 and 7 am for some strange reason but I can only think of less than a dozen times in the last 10 years that rain causes us to change our plans. Don’t get me wrong…we workout in the rain sometimes. The scheduled programming sometimes has us doing things that are just fine in the rain like running 5 miles or doing things with equipment that can get wet. I alter the plan when there is a safety concern. I don’t like heavy weights going overhead in wet and slippery conditions, I don’t like to have the guys climb wet ropes, not crazy about wet muscle ups and I don’t want anyone on the rig doing anything if there is lightning around. It is important for me to realize and remember that the goal is to leave better than we came and a needless injury caused by the conditions is not anything that I am interested in.

Today called for some OHS and snatches in my scheduled workout so I changed it to this:


On the 2:00 switch stations for 30 minutes




Then we finished with Bring Sally Up pushups