May31, 2019


Matt Greenwell was the second guy to come to my garage and 10 years later he strolled down the driveway this morning. After a bit of an absence, Matt returned to celebrate his 49th birthday. It was so great to have him back. His most famous and most funny moment was in the video of us getting ready for Tough Mudder by submersing ourselves in ice during the workout. We all stood around the tub looking at it and thinking it was a bad idea and then Matt said “Watch out cameraman!” and jumped in. This made us all do the same.

Happy Birthday Matt. Matt’s best moment is at 2:03…skip to that part.

Todays workout

Wim Hof Breathing

3 Rounds + Pushups

Warm Up Movements

  1. On the 2:00 x 5

    3 Power Clean and Jerk

    2 Thruster

    1 Squat Snatch

    60% of 1RM Snatch building to a heavy complex

  2. Adderall

    In a 10 min window, Run 1 mile then with the time remaining, max reps Clean and Jerk @ 135

    rest 3:00

    In a 7 min window, Run 800m then with the remaining time, max reps Power Snatch @ 115

    Rest 3:00

    In a 4:00 window, Run 400 then max reps Thruster @ 95

I did 15/17/21 on this one. Great workout. Loved it

Happy Birthday Matt Greenwell. Welcome Back!