May 30, 2019

Sorry for the hiatus on this blog. There has been no slow down in actuality.

The CrossFit Open was occupying my time for quite a while. I finished 69th in the World and then did the Online Qualifier and bumped up my standing to 49th. I was pleased with that finish for this year but plan to go hard this year to make it to the Games as a 50-54 Master next year.


Athletes Notes

Alternating OTM x 10 (5 Rounds)
Odd - 5 Weighted Pull-Ups
Even - 5 Front Squats


Death Race

5 Rounds:
15/10 Calorie Assault Bike
10 Burpees

I finished this one in 6:29. I would like to be able to push that bike harder, but it kills me.


Gratitude 10 min