August 10, 2018


Back from our trip to the Keys.  Life is good in the Keys, but this time, the weather wasn't the best.  

We fished some, but lobstered more.  Lobstering is good fun, good exercise and provides good nutrition.  Sounds perfect to me.

Back at the garage today, I started out with mobility that I haven't been able to do on the road and then we hit this one:

The Ghost

Row Calories


Double Unders 

Rest 1 minute

x 6 rounds for time

This workout is done Fight Gone Bad style.  You row as many calories as possible in a minute and then transition directly into burpees and do as many as possible in a minute moving directly into Double Unders for a minute.  During the next minute of rest, mark down your scores for each minute and get back on that rower for the next round.  

This is an excellent format for a gym that has very little equipment.  For example, 3 people can be on one station (1 rower) at a time.  This means that a gym that has only 4 rowers can easily train 12 people with just 4 rowers.  This style of workout is fantastic.