May 15, 2018

Today, I tried something new with the guys. Over the last 3-4 years, I have started almost every day with the Wim Hot Method.  It is a series of 30-60 deep breaths followed by a complete exhale and a breath hold for as long as possible, followed immediately by a large inhale and another breath hold.  Complete this 3-4 times and then do an additional round of 30 breaths with a large inhale and then as many pushups as possible on a full breath of air.

Over the years I have seen incredible benefits with this when also combined with submersion in ice baths for 10-12 minutes at a time.  

Wim Hof has gained a lot of press recently after appearing on Joe Rogan multiple times, Tim Ferriss, Lewis Howes and many more popular podcast.  His claims of the effectiveness and the ability to influence the autonomic immune system seem outrageous at first, but everything that he does and says is backed by science.  He is a guinea pig that allows himself to be poked and prodded so that science can benefit from his learning and abilities.

Here is the Vice documentary that gained him great attention

In this video he catches Lewis Howes on the technique

And Wim talking to Joe Rogan about what is going on when you breathe this way

So today, I didn't give my guys a choice.  We started with the Wim Hot Method.  Several were trying it for the first time and others were regulars.  

3 rounds of 30 breaths + a final round plus pushups


5 push press at 155 lbs

15 burpees

200 m run

AMRAP 10 min


Mobility- starring the ever famous quad smash, adductor smash and super frog.

Great start to an awesome day