March 17, 2018


Patrick St Charles was in Class 015 of Goruck Selection with me.  We trained with 3 other guys from my garage and another, Jonathan Hurtado, online.  

The first class went pretty well for me.  I made it roughly 19 hours and learned all the lessons I needed from this event.  Jonathan and Patrick did not do as well and the failure in 015 left them both very hungry for another try.  They both ended up in quite a bit different situation in the second attempt.  Patrick made it to the top 3 and Jonathan hung in there with just one other guy, the eventual and only finisher, until he turned to mush.

I sit down with Patrick to talk about both classes and how they compared to one another.  We talked about the lessons he learned, how he applied those lessons to the second attempt to become far more successful.  More importantly, we talk about how the lessons he learned translate to everyday life.

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