Januray 16, 2018

Wim Hof

Crossover Symetry

Warm up

6 Rounds of a 1:00 Window:
12 GHD Sit-Ups + Max Kipping Handstand Pushups in time remaining.
Rest :30s between each round.

Score is your *lowest* round of kipping handstand pushups across all rounds.


5 x 4:00 On / 4:00 Off:
30/20 Calorie Row
20/14 Calorie Assault Bike Bike
Max 10 Meter Shuttle Sprints in time remaining.

Set two cones 10 Meters apart from each other for the shuttle runs. Each time you move cone to cone (1 length, or 10 Meters), this counts as 1 rep. This is the scored portion. Add the total from all five rounds together