July 25, 2017

After listening to 4 podcasts with Chris Hinshaw, I decided that I would buy the program and start to earn back my running.  At one point, I ran a 3:13:00 Marathon and could easily hold a 6:00 mile for 7 miles.  This was before CrossFit and I was only concerned about hitting the 3:10:00 goal to qualify for Boston.  I lost a ton of weight and was around 140 pounds when running my best.  On the morning of the 3:13:00, I weighed in at 158.  Today, I am 178, stronger in every way, but also much slower. 

Jason Khalipa finished poorly in the endurance events until he started working with Hinshaw.  He then turned it around in 1 year and finished in the top of all endurance events at the Games. Mat Fraser did the same.  From last to 2nd in the running event in 1 year through his work with Hinshaw.

Chris Hinshaw is not magic, eventhough his results seem magical.  He is a fresh set of eyes who brings his elite Triathlon experience to the CrossFit world and is teaching these athletes how to run faster and, more importantly, how to manage and process the lactic acid.

The first step in the program is to get a measure of two distances; the 400m and 1 mile times. 

So that is what we did today.  Our workout was an extensive warmup followed by a single 400 m max effort.  It was much harder than it sounds.  Here is the warm up (Click Here if video doesnt show up)

We have a nice 200 m track next to my house so we went down there, finished the warm up and then hit the max effort 400.  The best time was turned in by Trevor at 1:03 I think.  I came in at 1:13.

This is basically not important until we get a mile time on Thursday and then examine the percentage of drop off between the 2 times.  It is at that point that Coach Hinshaw can direct our training to really hit and improve upon our weaknesses.

Hopefully this will really help.  I am committed to at least 6 months of 2 workouts per week of specific work designed by Hinshaw.  Ill keep you posted on the progress here.