June 14, 2017


1.5 mile repeats with the following goals

1. < 11:10

2. < 10:50

3. < 10:30

My splits were 10:35, 10:41, 10:41.  There is some work to do.  

Alan Lebovitz and Kevin Milz ran great today.  Kevin is super fast and can help us all become better runners.

Yesterday, after the workout, I took a step and a shock of pain ran through my lower back.  This was not during the workout at all, but several hours after the workout and only while walking up the stairs.

Today, I warmed up gently and avoided things that seemed to aggravate the injury.  GHDs were not a good movement this morning.  Back extensions were fine.  Jump rope was subbed by Assault Bike and I decided to give running a shot.

On the first run I almost stopped and turned around only 100 m into the run.  At 400 m I was certain that I was not going to continue.  At 800 m, I started to feel a little better, but I was still running awkwardly.  By the end of my first 1.5 miles, I felt much better and now my back feels as if I visited a chiropractor.  

I have experienced this many times with various injuries or tight joints.  Sometimes exercising through an injury is not the right thing to do but other times it is the best thing to do.  At 48 years old, I am, unfortunately,  an expert on this.  Expertise comes from both experience that results in success and failure.  When you fail, learn from your mistakes and figure out how to turn those failures into success.  As an aging athlete, my desire to train is stronger now than at any time of my life but sometimes I ask too much of my body or do not give it enough time to recover.

It is our responsibility to learn as much as we can about how to treat ourselves.  The internet has made this incredibly easy by giving people like Kelly Starett a platform where we can all benefit from his expertise.  The process of becoming an expert on your own body is seeking out the best information possible, trial and error and documenting the successes and failures so they can be replicated or avoided.

If you dont know Kelly Starrett or his work, visitwww.mobilitywod.com

There are many more resources available to you to keep you flexible, healthy and progressing, the key is to find what works for you and use it.

Train hard!