May 17 and 18, 2017

May 17, 2017

I found the highest points near the garage and strung together a run that is 4.78 miles.  It starts with our mile which is a big hill then a 1.5 mile decent to another really big hill that takes us to the top of Folts Circle.  We then return down and back up Crestwoodand descend to the garage.  It is kind of easy to take a wrong turn, and I did it...again.  So did Kevin.  We managed to find our way back.

Today was a field trip day to the Aquarium.  See this post for specifics.

 It was a race this morning and Michael Miller went out strong and fast.  Patrick and Mike D were not far behind and Keith and I kept going back and forth.  Rusty and Alan were right behind and all the other guys were pushing the pace as well.  

Eventually, Patrick left us all and set a new record by smashing the 30 minute mark and getting a 28;34.  I came in at 31:52 which is slower than my last one by a few seconds.  Interestingly, I wore a heart rate monitor today.  Here is a graph

 So this tells me that I kept my heart rate 160-170 for 22:47.  I like this type of workout because my heart rate gets up that high but also drops off as in interval work. 

One day, I hope to get this workout under 30 minutes.  I think I may need to lose 15 pounds and work on my stair running first.

If you are in Chattanooga, give this one a try and let us know how you do.  It is an instant classic.