Feb 17-18, 2017

It was so great to be back in the garage with my friends yesterday.  Trevor had a few 5 minute workouts for us:

I drove to Nashville yesterday to watch my son, Hayden, wrestle in the State tournament.  He won his match last night which kept him alive and assured him a place in the State!  His transformation this season has been remarkable.  I LOVED watching him overcome a difficult opponent last night, who had beaten him earlier in the year, and win.  Life lessons.

Turner, my oldest, embarks on a new adventure today as he attends his first Saddle Bronc riding clinic in Montana.  I cant wait to hear how he does as well.

Hanna is also on an adventure as she traveled, by herself, on a plane to visit a friend. 

Im so proud of all my kids which is all the more reason that I need to lead by example and stay in tip top shape both mentally and physically.

My diet is as good as it has been in years and I weighed in on a certified weigh in scale yesterday at 169.  Feeling terrific.

Get after it