Feb 8-16,2017

I havent posted since February 8 but it is for a good reason. 

Currently, I am shooting my TV show, Saltwater Experience in the Florida Keys.  When I do this, there is virtually no time left over for anything else.  I find it super difficult to get a call in to my wife and kids sometimes before bed.

Despite being busy and running super long days, I did not miss a single day of workouts.  Usually, I will do something before the shoot.  This means a 4:30 am wake up, a quick deck of cards, 500 kettlebell swings, 50 sandbag complexes, or something in the parking lot.  I did bring 205 lbs and a bar, but I cant really be throwing weights around in the middle of a resort at 4:30 in the morning.

The deck of cards is a life saver.  It requires nothing, no thinking, no preparation and it is highly effective.

My day would start like this and by 7;30 most days, 5:45 others, I was in the boat shooting the show.  We fish until 5 or 6 then head back.  There is more work to do at the dock, then clean up, dinner with the crew.  I started something else on this trip which is my new podcast.  After dinner I would hit a 2-3 hour podcast with our guest.  LONG days!

The good news is that I felt fantastic every single day.  My energy levels were very high and I was able to bring enthusiasm and excitment to every show, every interview.  This is because of 2 things. 

First, my training has me in top condition.  This make everything easier.

Second, my diet is on point.  I have completely cut out sugar including fruit sugar, increased my vegetable intake and I have also been taking some vitamins that may be helping.  I take Lysine, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, B Complex, and Alpha Brain.  This seems to be a really good combination for me and I will continue to take them.

Today, I hit a workout that the guys did in the garage.  Im glad I brought a sandbag, because I liked this one and it was ninja quiet:

I really liked this one.  The guys at the garage did it in 16:52.  I only managed 17:26 alone.  I need my guys pushing me. 

Im heading back today and will get to see my son wrestle in the State tournament!