November 20, 2017

This morning was tough. I hate to make excuses so I wont.  I simply let doubt creep in and infect my brain.  This is how a good training session goes bad as it did for me this morning.

It would be easy to say things like

"Well, you cant have it everyday"

but that is not true.  You can have it everyday.  Maybe you dont set a PR everyday, but you can give your best.  I did not give my best this morning and it was all because of what I let go on in my head.

The mental game is the most difficult to master and it takes constant attention in my opinion.  Let your guard down and watch your discipline slip away.

I did not give it my best this morning, I simply survived. 

Dont do this in your own life.  Simply give 100% effort 100% of the time and you will make progress.

Tomorrow is another day and I will show up ready to roll.