January 27, 2017

One of my favorite and least favorite workouts came around today.

The Chief

3 Power Cleans

6 Pushups

9 Squats

Amrap 3 minutes

Rest 1 minute

x5 rounds


This is such a great workout.  The cleans are the hardest for me so I like it that there are only 3.  Then, I feel like I can push hard for 3 minutes when I know there is a minute rest coming up.  There are some times during this workout that I feel like I am in a pretty dark place and may not be able to get out.  With principles learned from SealFit, I just keep picking up that bar and keep doing the next thing.  Soon, you find yourself on the 4th round.

Workouts like this are good microcosms of life.  How many times do you find yourself in a difficult situation, but just keep trying and absolutely never quit and soon, you are on top of it or looking back at a success.