Monday March 21, 2016

We are having fun with the Assault bikes and I plan on using them alot more

There is no doubt that the AirDyne and Assault measure calories and output differently, but we have not worked out exactly what the ratio is.  The Assault is definitely smoother and seems more solid, however, that was never my complaint about the Airdyne.  I have 3 Airdyne bikes that the monitor does not work and it makes it tough to use them like we do the rower.  The new Assault Bikes have a very good monitor and give us many different measurements on a single screen.  With this ability to measure consistently, I can do far more with these bikes than just Tabata intervals or other interval training.  We can use them like we do the rower by bringing them into lots of workouts.  20 calories on the Assault Bike/10 clean and jerk x 5 rounds or something like that.

Today, on the 10 minute challenge, Byron set a new benchmark for us at 146 Calories in 10 minutes on the Assault Bike.  I only got 118 after both of the other workouts, but did score 127 on the same workout over the weekend.  200 would be amazing and may be the equivalent of the OPT benchmark of 300 calories in 10 minutes on the Airdyne.