Friday March 18, 2016

I put together 4 Assault bikes yesterday and we were excited to try them this morning.


5:02 AM

1. Wim Hoff Breathing x 3 rounds + Pushups

2. Dips- 15/15/15/10/5

3. 2 man teams-Leap Frog Format

10 Pullups

10 Row Calories

10 Kettlebell swings @ 70 pounds

10 wall balls

10 AssaultBike/Air Dyne Calories

Amrap 20 minutes

I really like this format.  Any time we do a team workout, it seems to increase the intensity.  The leap frog format creates intervals which I really like as well and no one gets bored because the intervals are short and you can do them all unbroken. 

Set up equipment in a line in order as written above.  Pullup, rower, kb, wallball, bike.  Partner 1 (P1) starts on the pullups while Partner 2 (P2) rests at the rower.  Upon completion of the 10 pullups P1 calls his partner's name and P2 starts the row.  P1 moves to the Kettlebell and waits.  When P2 finishes the 10 row calories he calls his partner's name and P1 starts the KB swings.  P2 then moves to the wall ball and waits.  Upon completion of the swings, P1 calls out his partner's name and he starts on the wall ball while P2 moves to Assault Bike and waits.  Continue like this for 20 minutes getting as many rounds + reps as possible. 

Trevor and I got 10 full rounds + 10 pullups + 7 row calories.  Several teams were just behind us.

Great format.  Assault bike is a nice addition to the mix.  We will do LOTS of stuff with the new bikes.