November 28, 29, 2016

This week started off great with a fantastic workout

On Monday I borrowed one from my friend Tony Murphy from Key West.  Mile Zero CrossFit had this one on the board so we thought we would try it.

10 Wall Ball

10 Ground to Overhead

AMRAP 10 minutes

Trevor did over 7 rounds and I came in at 5 and change.  Good workout



I borrowed this one from CrossFit Mayhem (Rich Froning)

Row 2000 m

EMOM do ascending Thrusters (minute 1 do 1, minute 2 do 2, minute 3 do 3).  About 4 minutes in we realized that we were going ot be doing nothing but thrusters on about round 6 so we did it like this 1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5

Great workout