Nov 21, 2016

Saturday we got together for a Standard Deck of Cards workout followed by some mobility work.  We went from ankles, to calves, above and below the knee smashing, hamstring smash, couch stretch, foam rolling, lacrosse ball in the hip joint and surrounding areas, lat stretch, forearm stretch, neck mobility.  Good times.  I definitely felt better


Today, we did a simple but horrific workout.

Assault Bike 20 cal x 15 sets

We did this with a partner so it was 1:1 work to rest.  Very tough to keep the pace up after a couple of minutes

Byron is the Assault Bike King...Undisputed

I have been waiting for this day to come.  The temperature dropped below 40, actually about 35.  I filled up my Ice Bath yesterday and let it get cold naturally.  I spent about 5 minutes in the bath this morning.  Felt great on my legs.  No one else joined in