Beep Test/Front Squat

Beep Test today. 

See this post and this one for our previous Beep Tests and a video of how to do it and our exact recording that we listened to.

Very simple...Start a 20 meter shuttle run when the beep sounds.  Turn around and come back on the next beep.  Continue as long as you are able.

Top times were Jimmy and Josh coming in on the first heat in the low 11 to 11.3 and Rusty getting 11.4 and me with 11.8, my new PR.  Mike Drew threw a shoe in the late 10's because of the new super grippy driveway and was out.  It was unfortunate because I think that Mike can get into the 12th round pretty easily.

We did 2 groups.  Group 1 did the Beep Test while Group 2 did

Front Squat 5-4-3-2-1

By the Way, here are some before and after shots of the driveway.







I added sand to the mix for super grip.  We havent tried Bear Crawls yet or pushing the sled...

I hope it is not too aggressive.  I can promise you that no one is going to slip on this driveway!