Weight Loss Contest Comes To A Close

Post Selection...November.  Definitely heavier than I would like to be despite working out 6 times per week

Post Selection...November.  Definitely heavier than I would like to be despite working out 6 times per week

2 months ago, we decided to throw in $100 and have a winner take all weight loss contest.  I was interested because I gained alot of weight while doing the preparation for and actually doing Goruck Selection.  I read in Get Selected and other books, plus articles on Goruck main page that you should come in heavy and I did.  Rucking large loads over great distances did make me burn a ton of calories but I had no problem replacing them with 2 quarts of Talenti Ice Cream and a massive volume of food.  I did this pretty much every night. 

I ate more last year than I may have ever eaten in my life.  I also trained more than I ever have.  I guess the extended sessions and long miles kept it in check, but I did find myself seeing numbers like 187 on the scale and I was not happy about it.

I played around with dropping some weight and it worked on and off but I was not committed.  The contest gave me some added motivation. 

We had weight loss achievements of 18 pounds, 16 pounds, 10 pounds, 5 pounds and one guy gained 2 pounds.  

Today at 164

Today at 164

I started at 182 pounds on July 1.  Today I weighed in at 167 before the workout, 166 after and 164 after my favorite morning ritual in my private office.  Chris Curtis actually beat me by 1 pound at the start of the workout, but the guys said that the contest was based upon percentage of bodyweight.  They said I won, but I conceeded to Chris who said we should just put the money towards some more equipment.  I'm fine with that.

So how did I lose 18 pounds in 2 months? 

Zone/Paleo/Mike Dolce

I started out with simple 4 block Zone meals and 2 snacks.  I did feel better and my pants became a little looser, but I did not lose a single pound for almost 3 weeks.

I dropped all grains and processed foods while maintaining Zone portions and began to lose weight.  During this time, I read the book, 3 Weeks To Shredded by Mike Dolce.  I liked what Mike had to say and his track record of training fighters to make weight in the UFC was impressive.  Johnny Hendricks, and Ronda Rousey are 2 fighters that I follow and Dolce is their guy.  In the book, he gives the exact plan, exact portions and timing of the weight cut for Thiago Alves, another fighter that I follow. 

Mike's advice is similar to Paleo and Zone but even simpler.  I implemented what he said, incorporated some new foods like the Breakfast Bowl with Oat Bran and enjoyed the food and the results. 

I have never been a big vegetable guy and always felt that my leafy green vegetable intake was far below where it should be.  This was fixed on Fathers Day when my kids and wife gave me a Ninja blender.  I highly recommend this thing.  I thought it would just be a Vitamix knock off, but the more I use it, the more I think that it is actually superior to the Vitamix.  Lots of attachments and options come standard and I have been making a morning post workout shake like this:

4 leaves of Kale

3/4 cup blueberries



chia seeds



blend til liquid and drink.

It changes pretty much every day depending on what vegetables we have or are left over but that is the basic idea.  I have eaten or drank more vegetables since Fathers Day than I have in the last year.  I pair that with a few eggs and either drink butter with my coffee for fat or eat some nuts. 

Note: I am a big fan of the Vitamix or Ninja but not of Juicers.  Juicers extract the juice and separate the fiber out of the end product.  This is not good.  The Vitamix or Ninja just chops up the entire food into tiny little pieces.  It is a big difference and I far prefer the entire food over the extracted juice.  Its just like eating a salad, but faster and easier for me.

Other days, I eat Mike Dolce's Breakfast bowl and may have the shake for lunch. 

Dinner was meat and vegetables with a portion of fat pretty much every night.

I like to look at what 20% of effort resulted in 80% of the results.  In this case, what was it that I did that really made a difference?  The answer is preparation. 

I planned what I was going to eat and how much of it.  I took a cooler to Lacrosse Games, when traveling or when fishing and had my food ready.  I planned snacks and had them prepared the night before. 

This is pretty much the difference from what I was doing before, making no progress and actually seeing the weight come off.  When you are not prepared, you settle for what is available and that is usually complete crap, fast food, or what you think might taste good.  If this happens every now and then, no problem.  But when it happens 40% of the time, you wont make progress.  Despite what your mind is telling you, if you are not prepared everyday, the shit food gets in more than 30-40% of the time.  It doesn't seem like it, but if you were to keep a food log it would become obvious. 

That is what worked for me but here is what Chris Curtis said he did when I asked him:

"Portion control, reduced carbs. Carbs stick to me like glue. Ran a lot. I have a hard time with weight if i don't run.
Lets face it, when u start out over weight, common sense goes a long way. A child telling u, u have a belly, will provide good motivation!"

So now what?

I feel good at 164 and feel like it is a sustainable weight for me.  I would like to stay under 165 for a while and see how I feel.  Now that I am here, I can maintain this weight pretty comfortably if I stay prepared, pack food and have snacks ready.  I will also enjoy one day per week of cheat meals where I will truly eat whatever and however much I want.  Stay tuned for pictures of these epic cheat meals.