Friday August 28,2015

The gathering in the morning.  Checking out the whiteboard

The gathering in the morning.  Checking out the whiteboard

Team Day

Why We Train Together As A Team

(From Mark Divine's Unbeatable Mind)

Team training builds Kokoro because:
We hold ourselves to a higher standard when training with others
Our teammates also hold us accountable
We are motivated by the mighty effort of our teammates and want to match it
We are encouraged to push harder and succeed by our teammates
We are empowered when we take our minds off our own petty issues, helping our team succeed instead
We are reminded of our own faults and limitations when we see our teammates struggle and fail. Then when we struggle and fail we do not shy from receiving help
A team’s Kokoro, or Team Spirit, will buoy our own personal spirit. We draw strength and courage from a team firing on all cylinders



Today's Workout

Box Breathing together

12 cycles


Two Man Team

2 minutes on, 1 minute off

KB Swings 53 pounds


Sandbag getups 60 pounds

Row for calories

Sandbag lunge steps 60 pounds



Teams work together to come up with the best way to get alot of work done in 2 minutes.  Teams do not have to distribute the work evenly.  Keep track of reps at each station with chalk on the ground.  then, add together for total score

Mike Drew and Card Steel win todays workout...excellent.



6 minutes of Stillwater

Clear your mind

Discussion of the Big 4 (Breath Control, Positivity, Visualization, Goal Setting)

Have a great weekend